Christine Allado Joins The Original London Cast Of ‘Hamilton’

Filipino actress and singer Christine Allado has joined the original London cast of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton: An American Musical” as Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds. The show opened last December at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

“…As a self-professed ‘Hamilfan’ since listening to the cast recording and having seen the show, I don’t think words could really encapsulate how thrilled, grateful, and incredulous I am at the fact that I will be playing such a cool part in the original West End production of ‘Hamilton: An American Musical.’ A quote from ‘Wicked’ always comes to mind when amazing things like this happen: ‘Well, what do you do when your dreams come true?’ Golly, I don’t know Ga– I mean Glinda, but I most certainly ‘couldn’t be happier’,” says Christine.

Christine is an emerging musical talent, who made a name for herself as a uniquely proficient artist that has a voice that fuses her classical soprano roots with a contemporary spin of pop and jazz. She is a triple threat; a truly all-rounder who has appeared on stages and broadcasts all over Asia as well as the UK.

Her roles have included Vanessa “In The Heights” (2016) at the King’s Cross Theatre; Maria “West Side Story” (2016) for the BBC 60th anniversary documentary;  Ursula, “Sweet Charity” (2016) at the Royal Exchange Theatre; Understudy Lorene “From Here to Eternity” (2013) at the Shaftesbury Theatre, and Understudy Imelda Marcos “Here Lies Love” (2014) at the National Theatre.

She has previously toured with beloved classical tenor Andrea Bocelli in his “Cinema: World Tour,” which led her to perform for several tens of thousands of people in arenas and stadiums across the world. She is also an original member of the girl band “Zyrah,” a classical crossover group with an epic cinematic influence. Christine trained at the Royal Academy of Music, where she received a post-graduate degree in Music Theatre.

She has many outside interests and loves makeup and skincare, especially for non-western skins, as she understands what works for Asian faces and features.  She is very sporty and loves windsurfing, jet skiing, and kayaking, and also embraces fitness and healthy eating. She is also a self-confessed budget travel lover!

Her parents and sister are both very musical and artistic. Unusually her grandfather, one of the people in legal team for the Philippine Stock Exchange and whenever people talk about him they say he is a true blue blood. Sadly he never got much credit–just like Hamilton didn’t’!

Follow Christine on Twitter: @ChristineAllado –Photo: Jory Rivera

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