Profile: Saint Paul Manila Alumnae USA

Established in 2015, the Saint Paul Manila Alumnae USA (SPMA USA) is a 501c3 alumni organization based in the United States. It aims to connect with Paulinians, build a national alumni community, and support Saint Paul University in the Philippines. Its membership encompasses all Saint Paul University campuses back home and all class batches.

As a member, you can expand your network of Paulinians and friends of Saint Paul; bond together in social meetings; align with your business interests, and grow your social media numbers. Additionally, the alumnae can share news about Paulinians and friends of Saint Paul; provide personal and professional development tips; receive discounts from business and community partners, and participate in various SPMA USA programs and events. You can also support the educational programs of Saint Paul University and SPMAF, and other community projects in the Philippines through the SPMA’s Fleur De Lis Fund.

The SPMA’s Fleur de Lis Fund aids projects such as the scholarships for deserving Saint Paul students–from senior high school to college programs in education, nursing, business, information technology, and computer science—and the Saint Paul Music Therapy Center in Manila, which is providing the special needs of the youth and children. The Fund also helps various SPMAFI projects that assist women in correctional facilities and the elderly nuns at the Mere Monique Homes in Iloilo, Philippines.

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